Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ryan Wallace and Matt Mignanelli - New Work - Bleekerstreet Arts Club - NYC

through July 18th 2013

Ryan Wallace and Matt Mignanelli’s artworks blur the boundary between analog and mechanical modes of production.  Through complex layering and repetition, and with painstaking technique, Wallace and Mignanelli thrust the viewer into the intricacies of the pattern and the  void.  The artists’ explorations of abstraction and monochrome reference predecessors such as Ad Reinhardt, Robert Ryman, and Agnes Martin. The exhibition at the Bleecker Street Arts Club includes  new  paintings by Matt Mignanelli and a selection of Ryan Wallace’s “Tablet” paintings and “Consensus” sculptures. The works on display reflect and challenge modernity’s increasing cerebral insularity within the confines of digital representation and reproduction. 

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