Monday, April 12, 2010

Keltie Ferris : KF + CM 4EVER - Horton Gallery - New York

Nov 18 – Dec 30, 2010

Horton Gallery, Chelsea is pleased to announce KF + CM 4EVER, the second New York solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Keltie Ferris. Ferris' large abstract paintings mirror the aggressive vibrations of New York City in their intensity of spirit, layered surfaces, and angular compositions. Ferris balances the mechanical application of sprayed oil paint with hand-painted grounds, wielding a brush and palette knife to carve forms out of the sprayed haze. In this way, figure and ground wrestle with each other for supremacy and create dynamic labyrinth-like pictures. Working forward from a faceted acrylic ground, to an oil pastel latticework, to a final exploding spray-painted and brushed blur, Ferris' paintings lunge forward from the picture plane.