Sunday, October 31, 2010

Urs Fischer - Douglas Sirk - Sadie Coles - London

06 October – 11 December 2010

Urs Fischer's major exhibition of new sculptures, Douglas Sirk, marks the inauguration of the new Sadie Coles gallery space in London's West End.The artist has built a hall of cuboid mirrors—chrome-steel boxes screenprinted with dazzlingly high-resolution images showing five views (front, back, sides and top) of miscellaneous objects. A high-heeled boot, taxidermy duckling, onion and various other ephemera have been photographically dissected and reproduced across the boxes' five exposed planes in 'hyper-real' definition. The items are surreally enlarged—their amplified scale accentuating their intrinsic forms—yet they hover inside the borders of their reflective portals with cartoonish lightness: Fischer has commented that he intends for the images to "float" and their supports to dissolve.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Engineers of the Soul - groupshow - Postmasters Gallery - NY

a show about communism and artists' relationship to power

chto delat? (what is to be done?), yevgeniy fiks, rainer ganahl, lu xiangyou, yuri shalamoff, wang jianwei

This time it's personal.

For better or worse Tamas Banovich and I are children of Communism, having grown up in Hungary and Poland respectively. We have always wanted to organize an exhibition that brings together Communism's past, present, and future and shows artists' ongoing relationships to power and ideology as they negotiate the treacherous zones of propaganda and dissent.

The moment seems right. With growing political extremism at both ends of the spectrum, Communism is on our collective radar. Since the fall of the Soviet block in the early nineties, we have thought of Communism as the past, yet there are millions of people who are still living under communist regimes and many more who live with its consequences and legacies.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paulina Olowska - Applied Fantastic - Metro Pictures - New York

28 October - 4 December 2010

For her second exhibition at Metro Pictures, Paulina Olowska shows paintings and knitted sweaters adapted from postcards of home knitting patterns from late communist-era Poland. With these works Olowska continues her engagement with communist Poland’s fascination with Western consumerism and celebrates the spirit and stylish improvisations of the “Applied Fantastic.” Polish writer Leopold Tyrmand, describing the localized re-creations of Western styles, coined the term “Applied Fantastic” in 1954.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dirk Stewen - Maureen Paley - London

08 October — 14 November 2010

The work exhibited will feature his dominant artistic strategies: large ink-and-thread pieces, horizontal assemblages of his photographs in various forms combined with an array of material from his archive, and watercolours.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can Altay - The Church Street Partners' Gazette - The Showroom - London

13 October – 27 November 2010

Turkish artist Can Altay will transform The Showroom into the production site of a single edition newspaper: The Church Street Partners’ Gazette. The project will draw on research and dialogues with a wide range of people connected to the local area, who Altay terms ‘partners’, trying to expand the notion of partnership beyond its economic and juridical use. The Gazette will be created through open workshops of headline writing and graphic design, and discussion events at The Showroom under the headings of ‘Partnership’, ‘Boundaries’ and ‘Transformation’. Areas of investigation will include rights to space, promises and threats related to regeneration, and limits presented by physical, social, political and economic boundaries.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hernan Bas - The Hallucinations of Poets - Victora Miro - London

7 Oct - 13 Nov 2010

The American painter Hernan Bas's practice has always been intrinsically linked to an exploration of literature and the written word. For an exhibition earlier this year, Bas presented works referencing the American Transcendentalists (Emerson, Thoreau, Alcott) - or, in Bas's words, the 'original hippies', as their writing suggests a 'back to nature' perspective. In The Hallucinations of Poets, Bas delves into the more foreboding preoccupations of Dark Romanticism. Whilst Poe, Melville, Hawthorn and Dickinson shared the belief with the Transcendentalists that nature is a deeply spiritual force, they took an inherently sinister stance to the Transcendentalists' innately optimistic views. For these Dark Romantics, the natural world is full of shadows, decay, mystery, ghosts and death. These works, the first series in Bas's oeuvre to directly address the realm of poetry, are characterized by a sombre palette and charged, mysterious atmospheres.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Adrian Piper - Past Times: Selected Works 1973-1995 - Elizabeth Dee Gallery - New York

October 23 - December 11, 2010

Elizabeth Dee proudly presents Past Time: Selected Works 1973-1995, a solo historical exhibition by Adrian Piper centered around rarely seen bodies of work made during the period widely regarded as her most difficult, confrontational and influential. The exhibition will occupy the 10,000 sq. ft. second floor of 548 West 22nd Street with large-scale installations, serial sculptures, wall works and videos that traverse the political aspect in art, integrating performative methods and autobiographical, familial content in ways that established a new discourse around identity and dissent at the end of the 20th Century.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jason Rhoades - 1:12 Perfect World - Hauser&Wirth - London

24 September – 18 December 2010

Hauser & Wirth is proud to announce the gallery’s first posthumous show of Jason Rhoades’ work and the artist’s first European solo exhibition since his death in 2006. The exhibition features ’1:12 Perfect World’, Rhoades’ scale model of his groundbreaking 1999 exhibition, ‘Perfect World’ at Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. Originally existing as four quarters, the sterling silver model will be brought together at Hauser & Wirth’s Piccadilly gallery, viewable in its entirety for the first time. Like his previous exhibition, ‘The Black Pussy… and the Pagan Idol Workshop’ installed at Hauser & Wirth London in 2005, Rhoades’ incredibly complex installation ‘Perfect World’ created a visual maelstrom of miscellaneous objects and cultural allusions.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ARTSADMIN YOUTH BOARD -Dot Dot Dash Dot (..-.) Toynbee Studios, London

21 Oct 2010, 7.30pm

Artsadmin's Youth Board present another evening of films combining the old with the new. This time the theme is 'Home'. The 1991 classic Kitchen Show by Bobby Baker (pictured) will be screened alongside three shorts from emerging artists and filmmakers.

The selected shorts are:

My Wonderland by Kate Rowles
Home by William S Huntley
Das is Unser Schiff (That's our Boat) by Nadine Arbeiter
Home Scene 2 by Noam Edry

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SUPERUNKNOWN - groupshow - Edel Assanti - London


Michael Ashcroft | Matthew Atkinson | Gordon Cheung | Sayshun Jay | Graham McNamara | David Northedge | Ed Payne | James Roper | Rob Sherwood | David Small | Andy Wicks | Rosalie Wiesner

Edel Assanti is proud to present Superunknown, an exhibition curated by Andy Wicks and David Northedge.

Literature and Hollywood have long been creating dark and empty visions of near future societies in decline. In the present day, materials addressing this subject matter have once again found their way onto reading lists and cinema screens, forming a focal point for contemporary popular culture.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free - groupshow - New Museum - New York

10/20/10 - 1/23/11

curated by Lauren Cornell

Today, culture is more dispersed than ever before. The web has broadened both the quantity and kind of information freely available. It has distributed our collective experience across geographic locations; opened up a new set of creative possibilities; and, coextensively, produced a set of challenges. This fall, the New Museum will present “Free,” an exhibition including twenty-three artists working across mediums—including video, installation, sculpture, photography, the internet, and sound—that reflects artistic strategies that have emerged in a radically democratized cultural terrain redefined by the impact of the web. “Free” will propose an expansive conversation around how the internet has affected our landscape of information and notion of public space. The philosophy of free culture, and its advocacy for open sharing, informs the exhibition, but is not its subject. Instead, the title and featured works present a complex picture of the new freedoms and constraints that underlie our expanded cultural space.

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Pricks Than Kicks - groupshow - David Roberts Art Foundation - London

13 Oct - 18 Dec 2010
Paul Chan, George Condo, Keren Cytter, Simon Denny, Patrizio Di Massimo, Simon Fujiwara, Amy Granat/Cinema Zero, Thomas Houseago, Bethan Huws, Nathaniel Mellors, Laure Prouvost, Pietro Roccasalva.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Systems Analysis - groupshow - West London Projects - London

15 October until 11 December 2010

Liz Deschenes, Wade Guyton, Eileen Quinlan, Blake Rayne, Reena Spaulings, Cheyney Thompson.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Toby Ziegler - The Alienation of Objects - 176/Zabludowicz Collection - London

07 October 2010 - 12 December 2010

This autumn, the Zabludowicz Collection present a solo exhibition by British artist Toby Ziegler. The centrepiece of this exhibition will be a vast installation featuring a new body of aluminium sculptures alongside readymades including a weather balloon and a mechanical bull.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Michael Fullerton -Columbia - Chisenhale Gallery - London

10 September - 24 October 2010

Chisenhale Gallery presents a major solo exhibition by Glasgow-based artist Michael Fullerton. Columbia comprises a new series of sculptures, paintings, wall-mounted screen prints and moving image works. Examining a range of themes including intelligence systems, the power of aesthetics and the private and public histories of political intrigue, the works are presented together in a museum-like installation.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marina Abramovic - Lisson Galleries - London

October 13 - November 13 2010

Lisson Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition by Marina Abramović, the first show of Abramović’s work at Lisson Gallery. Comprised of new and key past works in the mediums of video, photographs and sculpture, the show will be in two parts across both Bell Street galleries. 52-54 Bell Street will feature the Rhythm series, from her early performances, exhibited for the first time in its entirety, while 29 Bell Street will feature new work from her Back to Simplicity series.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Move: Choreographing You - Hayward Gallery - London

Wednesday 13 October - Saturday 9 January

Use your mind and body to gain a new understanding of perception this autumn. Move: Choreographing You invites you to become a participant - and in some cases a dancer - in installations and sculptures by internationally renowned visual artists and choreographers from the last 50 years.


Monday, October 11, 2010

The October Show - Groupshow - Limoncello Gallery - London

7 October - 20 November 2010

an exhibition by James Harrison, Yonatan Vinitsky, and Jessica Warboys

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aaron Curry - MMNKTLPLKT - 20 Hoxton Square projects - London

20th September – 20th October

in collaboration with Michael Werner Gallery

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dirk Bell -Made in Germany - Sadie Coles HQ - London

10 – 28 October 2010 9 Balfour Mews London W1

This autumn Sadie Coles HQ is delighted to present Made in Germany, the gallery's first show with German artist Dirk Bell. This is the second instalment of a touring project whose centrepiece is a 1987 Mercedes 230 that Bell has driven from Berlin to the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead – where it will return, via Glasgow, later this year. The show at 9 Balfour Mews will be marked by a live act by the Haters, a noise performance duo from the USA.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Angela Melitopoulos and Maurizio Lazzarato - Assemblages - Gentili Apri - Berlin

October 12, 2010 – December 11, 2010
Opening: October 9, 2010

Gentili Apri presents Assemblages, an audiovisual research project by Angela Melitopoulos and Maurizio Lazzarato on Félix Guattari and his revolutionary psychiatric practice, his political activism as well as his ideas concerning ecosophy and interest in animism, especially in the Brazilian and Japanese context. In Guattari’s work and in the same manner as in animist societies, subjectivity loses the transcendent and transcendental status that characterizes the Western paradigm. Guattari’s thought and that of animist societies can find common ground in this understanding of subjectivity. Aspects of polysemic, transindividual, and animist subjectivity also characterize the world of childhood, of psychosis, of amorous or political passion and the one of artistic creation.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This Saturday 9th October - 12 noon - 4.30pm

ELECTRICAL FAULTS Take over day @ [ SPACE ], as part of Charlie Woolley's RADIO SHOW
The event will also be streamed live from 12 noon Saturday the 9th October until 12 noon Sunday the 10th October via: WITH ON-GOING WORK THROUGHOUT THE DAY BY: - Lúcia Prancha and Sara Nunes Fernandes aka Negociatas 'The two of us girls disappeared all of a sudden together' - Kelly Large 'revelations of the observer', 2010 - Giorgio Sadotti 'Went to America Didn't say a word', 1999 AND SCHEDULED PERFORMANCES FROM: - 1.30pm - Alan Kane - 2.30pm - John Seth 'Frequency - Plus Minus (3)', 2010 - 3.00pm - Giorgio Sadotti 'SNAIL OYSTER OYSTER OYSTER SNAIL SNAIL', 2010 - 4.00pm - Vanessa Billy ‘Needed, taken, offered, wanted’, 2010


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dimension/Next* Miller-Urey Bong, 2010 * - Seventeen Gallery - London

Thursday 7th Oct - Saturday 13th Nov 2010

a collaboration between Paul B. Davis and AIDS-3D

In 1952 Stanley L. Miller, working in the laboratory of Harold C. Urey at the University of Chicago, attempted to clarify the chemical reactions that gave rise to organic compounds on primitive Earth. The experiment ran as a closed loop connecting two flasks. One flask contained water that represented Earth's ocean, a second flask contained a mixture of methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and hydrogen (H2) that represented a hypothetical 'reductive' atmosphere. Miller heated the water to simulate evaporation and rainfall, and used electrodes to simulate lightning, guessing that lightning was a likely energy source for ancient chemical reactions. After running the experiment for one week Miller found that as much as 15% of the carbon in the system now existed in the form of organic compounds. While the Miller-Urey Experiment did not conclusively prove the chemical makeup of primordial Earth, it became a classic experiment on the origin of life.

Monday, October 4, 2010

David Noonan - David Kordansky Gallery - Los Angeles

September 18, 2010 — October 23, 2010

Noonan utilizes a personal archive of found images to create hand-screened, collaged works on linen that straddle the lines between photography and history, ritual and performance, and memory and fiction. Depicting costumed figures set against richly patterned backgrounds, these works borrow techniques not only from painting, but also from film, theatre, literature, and sculpture.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thomas Scheibitz - A Moving Plan B - Spruth Magers - London

17th September to 30th October