Friday, December 31, 2010

Nan Goldin - Berlin Work - Berlinische Gallerie - Berlin

through 28 March 2011

Photographs 1984 to 2009

The American artist Nan Goldin is a leading exponent of ‘subjective photography’. Her own life forms the focus of her artistic work. Goldin has repeatedly spent extended periods in Berlin since the 1980s. In 1991 she was able to spend an entire year in Berlin as part of the DAAD artist programme. With around 100 photographs, the Berlinische Galerie is presenting a comprehensive insight into her work created in Berlin, whereby it is also drawing on previously unpublished material from the artist’s archive, which has never before been presented.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

AMNESIA - Felix Gonzales-Torres + On Kawara - Andrea Rosen Gallery - NYC

through January 22, 2011

AMNESIA FELIX GONZALEZ-TORRES ON KAWARA and a FILM/VIDEO PROGRAM curated by Rebecca Cleman and Josh Kline of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
Amnesia is a condition marked by gaps, lacunae in the fabric of memory, missing pieces from a continuum. As a medical condition, amnesia afflicts individuals who cannot recall specific events and times. As a metaphorical condition, amnesia can afflict countries and societies with a collective forgetfulness. History is not the continuous, linear narrative of the past, but rather, a continually shifting collection of fragments held together by those pieces we prioritize and those we choose to forget, a kind of dark matter filling the space between what is desired or allowed to be visible at any given moment. These gaps, however, do not represent loss, but rather discontinuity.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


through 23. Januar 2011

Thomas Locher bases his work on systems of signs and communication in order to show the relationship between social conditions and the possibilities of individual action. In his text images Locher demonstrates the principles and grammar of language, the basic medium of human communication, as well as its inherent structures of power, authority and hierarchy. At the same time, his works emphasize how firmly our appropriation of the world and our thinking are rooted in words and terms since all perception of images and reality is mediated through language.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the Future of Tradition – the Tradition of Future - Haus der Kunst - Munich

through 09 jan 2011

In 1910, the exhibition "masterpieces of muhammadan art" was held on the Theresienhöhe in Munich. with almost 3,600 exhibits, it was the largest display of art from the islamic cultural sphere ever shown, even to this day. it gave the western observer a comprehensive historical view of the arts in countries influenced by islam. it also paved the way for deeper, scientific research. objects that were thought of as quaintly folkloric or as being applied arts were suddenly elevated to the rank of "masterpieces". seen from our standpoint, the exhibition of 1910 undoubtedly represents a turning point: it replaced the conventional and dominant idea of orientalism and exotic fantasy and led to an objective consideration of the visual culture of the islamic world.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Galerie Thomas Modern - Popular BRANDS · SYMBOLS · ICONS 1960 – 2010 - Munich

through February 19th 2011

Hardly anything has changed art and society as much as Pop Art. Curiosity and boredom, the elemental forces of Pop, developed into a ‘High and Low Culture’ without caring for a specific goal: provocation as a mission. Embracing the blatant and banal was on the agenda. People who met in Warhol’s Factory with eccentric visions of life formed the state of today’s glamour world. Brands, symbols and icons were a source of inspiration for artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann, Robert Indiana, Mel Ramos, Claes Oldenbourg and Jim Dine.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Terry Winters - Böhm Chapel - Hürth



Saturday, December 25, 2010

Peter Fischli, David Weiss - Sammlung Goetz - Munich

08 November 2010 until 12 March 2011

Swiss artists Peter Fischli (* 1952 in Zurich) and David Weiss (* 1946 in Zurich), who have been collaborating since 1979, use a large range of artistic expressions in their works. In this exhibition, almost 50 sculptures, installations, photographs, and films of the past 25 years will be shown. Their most popular film, “Der Lauf der Dinge”, 1986/87, strikingly exemplifies the subtle and humorous inclusion of everyday objects into their artistic working process. The ironic and shrewd works of them draw their inspiration from seemingly trivial things and philosophical questions of human existence.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Marcel van Eeden - Schritte ins Reich der Kunst - Haus am Waldsee - Berlin

25.11.2010 to 30.01.2011

Haus am Waldsee is pleased to present van Eeden‘s first solo exhibition at a Berlin art institution. Apart from a completely new series, the exhibition “Schritte ins Reich der Kunst" for the first time unites all the important series of drawings from the last ten years as well as some recent sculptural works. The show provides an up-to-date survey of his oeuvre and thus connects parallel but disparate narrative strands.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tronies - Marlene Dumas and the Old Masters - Haus der Kunst - Munich

through february 6th 2011

‘the girl with the pearl earring’ by jan vermeer numbers amongst the most famous examples of a ‘tronie’, a type of painting that other dutch painters, such as rembrandt, rubens and van dyck also adopted. in the past, tronies, which are also known as ‘character heads’, were often confused with the portraits of individual personalities, but unlike these, the tronies were not commissioned works, but rather painted for the free market. hence their function is quite different: like portraits, tronies are made from a living model, but they do not focus on the portrayal of a particular person with a fairly detailed depiction of props, rather they explore the whole spectrum of human physiognomy and emotional expression. a half-figure can bee seen on a neutral background, her face is depicted realistically and with a strong expression. tronies are particularly remarkable for the virtuosic handling of artistic means and they reflect the characterological concepts from the early history of psychology.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AHMET ÖĞÜT - BLACK DIAMOND - Het Oog Van Abbe Museum - Eindhoven

through December 31th 2010

From 4 July 2010 visitors can discover happiness in the Van Abbemuseum. Ahmet Öğüt (1981, Diyarbakir, Turkey) has then filled the entire space of Het Oog (The Eye) with twelve tonnes of coal and has buried a little piece of the museum in the mountains he created. This "museum piece" has been removed from a wall inside the museum and is there replaced by a valuable diamond. If the “museum piece” is found by one of the quest visitors, this will lead to happiness, when the museum piece is placed back into the museum and the finder becomes the owner of the diamond.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Smart Frrridge. Chilly Forecast for Internet Fridge - Kunstverein Medienturm - Graz - Austria


You will never be alone again, and it’s no longer just you and your fridge: The Smart Frrridge will communicate with your smart phone and together they’ll keep a constant eye on you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

FRESH HELL - groupshow - Palais de Tokio - Paris

through 16. January 2011

By mapping the artist’s brain, desires, and influences, the carte blanche gives a fresh slant on the creative process and aesthetic correlations. In the wake of Ugo Rondinone in 2008 and Jeremy Deller in 2009, Adam McEwen (British artist living in New York) hatches an extraordinary scheme and creates a dialogue between medieval sculpture and conceptual art, vaults and attempts to levitate, forgotten artists and those already blessed by history. When faced with this history, what stance can an artist take today? Everything has been done already? Great, now we can finally get to work! The exhibition FRESH HELL dives into history, recent or distant, but doesn’t bore through the strata. Instead, it skims horizontally and nonlinearly, generating multiple paradoxes and stirring up a breath of fresh air that is constantly sucked away by ghostly shadows.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Matthew Monahan - Anton Kern Gallery - NYC

through December 23. 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

ABSALON - Kunst Werke - Berlin

through 20.02.2011

Absalon engages himself with spaces in systematic and successive ways. By taking questions around essential human activities and basic forms such as the rectangular, the square, the triangle and the circle as his starting points, he begins by emptying out the encountered spaces before restructuring and refilling them with the help of simple forms. These test assemblies, further developed later on by means of objects, drawings, photographs and films, come to a full circle in Absalon’s Cellules: individualized, ascetic living units for contemplation based on the measurements of the artist’s own body. Reduced to a vocabulary of strictly geometrical forms these pieces convey a sense of absolute abstraction, yet without alluding to utopian ideas. Instead, they open up heterotopic spaces, which Absalon had planned to publicly position in six large cities in order to confront his physical existence with the corpus of society: “They are not meant to posit any solutions in terms of isolation. They have been made for living the social.” (Absalon)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mark Leckey - Gavin Brown´s Enterprise - NYC

through December 23. 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CHICKS ON SPEED: HAPPENING - Kate MacGarry Gallery - London

through 30 January 2011

Music, fashion and art are indistinguishable in the multifaceted practice of Chicks on Speed. Their sculptural objects often function as a tool, an instrument or a prop in stage shows and gallery performances that fuse the vernacular of contemporary pop and the early 20th century avant-garde. For HAPPENING they present their recently invented E-shoes - wearable guitars with sensory strings that produce amplified wireless sound for foot-flying gigs - and Cigar Box Synthesizers, found cigar boxes adapted into functioning synthesizers to be played in large orchestral setups.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Adam Dant - Dant on Drink - Hales Gallery - London

through 8 Jan 2011

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce Adam Dant's second solo show at the gallery, Dant on Drink: Drawings about Drinking in Britain. Dant makes lavish and richly layered drawings which take the viewer on an inventive and imaginative visual journey. His subjects are always meticulously researched and the resulting works take many forms including maps, charts and visual allegories. The elaborate scenes he depicts are often located in recognisable spaces, places and institutions. In four large narrative tableaux, Dant depicts the politics, language, history and environment of the nation's very particular relationship with 'the bottle', exploring the way in which the news media use representations of contemporary 'Binge Drinking Britain' as a convenient vessel to be filled with the wider themes of social improvement and change, political progress and the general health of the nation.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Diego Santomé - Castillos de arena (Sandcastles) - MOT International - London

Diego Santomé is a multidisciplinary artist who incorporates encountered life experience as his primary artistic language. His work is achieved through minimal stories, simple objects and small actions, an aesthetic often associated with minimal and conceptual art. Utilising the language of cinema, Diego Santomé shows us Castillos de arena (Sandcastles), a film, that speaks directly about the ephemeral nature of things and, ultimately, life. The film portrays two Czech Republic immigrants who reside in a tent on a beach in Playa America, Spain. It depicts their daily making of meticulously sculpted sandcastles in exchange for money, as a way to earn a small living. We witness the process of building, from the preparation of the utensils used, to the act of making, through to the destruction of the sandcastles as the tide washes in or rain begins to fall. Through this non-fictional narrative and simple observation we are confronted with the couple’s reality and the immaterial nature of the passing of time.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

The NULL&VOID - STRC PRST SKRZ KRK - The Lord Napier - London

Saturday, 11th private view from 7 - 11 PM

Friday, December 10, 2010

Brandon Lattu - Reciprocity of Light - Leo Koenig - NYC

through December 23, 2010

Leo Koenig Inc. is pleased to present Reciprocity of Light, Brandon Lattu’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. In what has become his characteristic manner of working, the Los Angeles-based artist presents a wide array of works that question the viability of serial art production within the current state of cultural production. Working interstitially between traditional media Lattu presents a room-sized installation, sculptures, a photograph, and a stereographic video work that problematize the use of photography as a means of referential representation and examine photography’s structural relation to abstraction and the readymade.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Childish Things - groupshow - Fruitmarket Gallery- Edinburgh

Louise Bourgeois, Helen Chadwick Robert Gober, Susan Hiller, Mike Kelley, Jeff Koons, Paul McCarthy

Childish Things is The Fruitmarket Gallery’s second collaboration with David Hopkins, Professor of Art History at the University of Glasgow; acknowledged authority on Marcel Duchamp, dada and surrealism; increasingly renowned writer on contemporary art; and curator of the popular 2006 Fruitmarket Gallery exhibition Dada’s Boys: Identity and Play in Contemporary Art.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Days - groupshow - Transmission Gallery - Glasgow

30 November - 22 January 201

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nick Relph - Herald Street - London

through December 17th 2010


Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christopher K. Ho - Regional Painting - Winkleman Gallery - NYC

Winkleman Gallery is very pleased to present Regional Painting, our second solo exhibition by New York artist Christopher K. Ho. In this richly layered show, Ho calibrates fiction, fact, and figment into a precarious universe, at the center of which is one Hirsch E.P.Rothko, an anagram of the artist’s name. The invention of and creations by this shadow artist—a performance, twelve paintings, and a ghostwritten memoir—deploy conceptual art against itself to liberate Ho from its self-imposed constraints, and collectively propose regional painting as a viable model for contemporary practice.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Valerie Snobeck - Catherine Bastide - Brussels

through December 11th 2010

Valerie Snobeck works by dismantling her materials. She takes a mirror, and then through processes that include acids, scrapping, cutting and rubbing, she rips and peels the metal backing off the surface, resulting in translucent panes of glass, with only subtle traces of their past lives as mirrors. The results are fragile yet sharp pictorial planes covered and graced by metallic shades and shadows, and revealing moment of opacity, translucence and reflection.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Keltie Ferris - KF + CM 4EVER - Horton Gallery - NYC

Horton Gallery, Chelsea is pleased to announce KF + CM 4EVER, the second New York solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Keltie Ferris.

Ferris' large abstract paintings mirror the aggressive vibrations of New York City in their intensity of spirit, layered surfaces, and angular compositions. Ferris balances the mechanical application of sprayed oil paint with hand-painted grounds, wielding a brush and palette knife to carve forms out of the sprayed haze. In this way, figure and ground wrestle with each other for supremacy and create dynamic labyrinth-like pictures. Working forward from a faceted acrylic ground, to an oil pastel latticework, to a final exploding spray-painted and brushed blur, Ferris' paintings lunge forward from the picture plane.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Philippe Parreno - Serpentine Gallery - London

5 November - 13 February

Solo exhibition by influential Paris-based artist Philippe Parreno, his first in a public gallery in the UK. Whether through the cinematic image or the exhibition itself, Parreno explores and manipulates contemporary signs in all of their hallucinatory reality.